Rugby World Cup 2019

But first, Rugby!


Where better to be during this time than at your favourite restaurant The Crazy Horse!


With 17 flat screen Tv’s all over our restaurant and bars, we ensure that you get the full experience during the World Cup season. Not only that, but we also have fabulous specials to keep you filled and fuelled up for the best supporting energy!


Don’t forget about our Brandy specials currently running! We’ve got our double Richelieu & mix special for R20 as well as our World Cup Olof Bergh special. The Olof Berg special will only be running for the duration of the World Cup. Every day between 10:00 and 18:00 you get your Double Olof Bergh & mix for only R18!


1/4 Finals for this weekend, who’s ready to support?!


HoofHeart x